Emma Watson

by John Zealous

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Recorded in Janurary and February, 2019.
The debut album from John Zealous, blending a mixture of alt rock, indie rock, lo-fi and shoegaze sounds. It can get a little weird at times and there's a little bit of screaming.
Please enjoy : )


released March 5, 2019

For this album, John Zealous is:
Damian Coletta – Backing vocals, drums (live)
Ethan Bellhouse – Saxophone
Fynn Ryan – Backing vocals, acoustic guitar (live)
Joseph Bergl – Electric guitar
Joshua Lenzo – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, synth, sampling, drum machines
Lachlan Neasham - Bass
L. Valerie- Monologue

Mixed and Produced by Damian Coletta and Joshua Lenzo
Studio dude: Damian Coletta
Recorded at The Pet Sematary
Album art by Ella Wylynko
Mastered by Will Long


all rights reserved



John Zealous Perth, Australia

Mixing lo-fi indie rock, shoegaze and a bunch of other sounds for your enjoyment! We like to mess with our sound, so hopefully no release is like the other.

If you enjoy our music and want to get into contact, e-mail us at johnzealous.music@gmail.com : )

Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/3w28dJSq1GTGPuczg5R5xO
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Track Name: A Mid-Western Premise
And I wanna get out of this town
Cause when I take a look around
All of the faces are starting to look the same
Who made this so fucking cliché?

How do I breakthrough?
When I don’t want to be friends with you

And I know that there’s more to life
Than writing songs about girls
But I won’t join your cult
Why? I don’t fucking know

How do I breakthrough?
When I don’t want to be friends with you
Track Name: Song for Elaine
Oh Elaine I can’t keep sitting around here all day listening to your fucking problems
It’s getting late, I’m getting tired and I want to go home
When you were a child, you spoke like a child, acted like a child, and thought like a child
And… I don’t know? Let’s get on with the song

I think it’s time for me to go and cut my hair
I’m starting to look like all of those guys that I despise
With their cuffed jeans and their pairs of vans
And their ability to gaslight women whenever they can

I don’t really care about them
I just wanna hold you
And I don’t really wanna be like them
I just wanna be with you

And being introverted for such a long time
Leaves a lot of shit bottled up inside
And I guess you just caught me on the wrong night
And I guess you just caught me at a really weird time in my life
And you can keep your haircuts, you can keep your moral high ground
You can try to impress whoever the fuck you want to impress
But at the end of the day, only you really know if you’re really happy

And I don’t really about that
I just wanna hold you
And I don’t really wanna be like that
I just wanna be with you

And oh Elaine I can’t keep sitting around here all day listening to your problems
The hour is getting late, I’m getting tired and I just wanna go home
But when you were a child, you spoke like a child, you acted like a child and you thought like a child
And none of us can really blame you for that
Well I guess, I guess?
Track Name: Linger (For the Rest of Your Life)
And when I’m gone you can keep everything I leave behind
Everything in my mind and all of my regrets
But what are regrets without the people they belong to?
And they’re gonna haunt you
For the rest of your life

So I open my mouth and spit out the blood from the night I drank too much and said something I shouldn’t of
And I guess you’re as real as me and that explains why you can see all the ghosts in my room

And they’re gonna haunt me
For the rest of my life
Track Name: Through Shadows (to Truth)
I took all the times that we had together for granted
Who would’ve thought that in 3 years’ time
I’d be missing them so God damn much
We all wanted to be older, we all wanted to be free
But we didn’t know how much we’d change in the process
I remember walking out of our last day together
Do you think we’re gonna be this close for the rest of our lives?
Of course, why wouldn’t we be?
But now it’s just a distance memory
That I bring up in conversation at midnight
In dodgy carparks

And I love you all
And I miss you all
And it hurts me knowing we’ll never be perched on those stone steps again
Just fucking around
And I love you all
Track Name: Strained Neck
I know it’s hard for you to understand
That I love you in the way you love me
It’s beyond touch, it’s beyond feelings
And if we didn’t meet the way we met
We would’ve never have been friends

I remember you came over to my room one summer
And asked me if I was taking shit
I thought “oh fuck how do I explain?”
Because I hadn’t been out of my room in a while
And I hadn’t been talking as much
I had no reason to feel the way I did
And I thought you would just laugh at me
So I kept it to myself
Because I’m not one to practice what I preach

I’ll strain my neck while sleeping
And bruise my shins while dreaming
As long as my eyes are closed
I don’t have to watch out world fall apart

And it’s funny you know
How day blends into night and night becomes day
Everything just keeps moving, everything just keeps going
No matter how you’re feeling, even if you want it to stop
I think I want to be the king of Perth?
I think I want to be the king of Perth
But I haven’t got a clique
I’m not friends with the people I need to be friends with
Ask me why I wanna be king and I’ll spit in your eye
I’ll spit right into your fucking eye
And day will continue to become night, and night will continue to become day
Track Name: Belle Delphine
I don’t wanna be one
I don’t wanna be one
Our bodies feel so old
But we’re still so young
And we’ll pass on our parents’ mistakes
The original sin was never gone
And God is never far away

And I feel you breathing down my neck
And I feel you, three scratches on my back

I just wanna be one
I just wanna be one
I look up into the sun and pray
That it will be destroy everyone
Burn everything
Leave nothing for us to regret
Leave nothing left for us to destroy

I feel you breathing down my neck
I feel you, three scratches on my back
Track Name: Sin Against Me
I can’t help myself from second guessing all the little things
I just don’t like making those decisions
Is there a way to leave everything up to you or someone else?
I guess that’s what fate is for

I just don’t wanna be a walking cliché
But if you ask me why everyone is afraid
It’s because we’ll never live up to those expectations that they placed upon us

And I think I’m human because I can’t help missing everyone that’s gone away
But still we’ll reach out our fists
Just to pull them back in and open our palms
Just to show we’ve got nothing

I could go on about the good old boys and all the people they’ve fucked over
But let’s just pretend that they don’t know any better
It doesn’t change a thing
A fuck all those people who think being sad
Makes them more desirable
It really hurts the people that I know
That are going through some shit on their own
It really fucks with the people I know

And I’m not afraid to die, but I’m not ready
So come on, what are you waiting for?
So sin against me
Track Name: Move On (Damian's Song)
It’s too late now we’ve just gotta move on
There’s no point thinking about the days
Where we went wrong

When you paint a picture
And you hang it on your wall
Do you see my face hidden in the lines?
Cause when I close my eyes at night
I see everything you could be
And everything I’m not

It’s too late now you’ve just gotta move on
The world outside doesn’t wait for anyone
And the people who love will forget about you
And the people you love are forgetting all about you

If you ever see me walking down the street
I don’t mind if you avoid me
Just do whatever you need
I just want you to feel again

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